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School of Mathematical Science

  School of Mathematical Science


  The School of Mathematic Science, formerly known as Mathematics Department of Shandong Normal University’s branch in Liaocheng, was founded in 1974. It was renamed Mathematics Department of Liaocheng Teachers College in 1981 and changed again the Department of Mathematics and System Science in 1999. In 2003, with the establishment of Liaocheng University, it was renamed the School of Mathematical Science of Liaocheng University. For more than 40 years, with the successive leadership and faculty’s joint efforts and hard work, great changes have taken place in various aspects, such as teaching, scientific research, education level and scale, faculty structure, personnel training, professional and disciplinary construction, etc.

  The number of current faculty is 84, including 8 professors and 23 associate professors, 47 teachers are doctors or doctoral candidates. In this school are one double-employed Academician, two distinguished professors and 15 part-time professors. Among the full-time teachers are one national outstanding teacher, three national excellent tutors for Master of Education, one provincial outstanding teacher and one provincial excellent tutor for postgraduates.


  The School of Mathematical Science covers three undergraduate majors -- mathematics and applied mathematics, information and computational science, and accountancy. The first two majors are provincial featured majors. Mathematics and applied mathematics are majors fully supported by provincial finance. Accountancy, as an auxiliary major for double majors and double degrees, is a popular major in Liaocheng University. At present, there are more than 2000 full-time undergraduates and about 50 postgraduates in this school.




  Dean of School               Secretary of Party Branch      Vice Dean of School

  Jianli Zhao, Professor & PH.D  Qingli Zhao, Professor         Shiquan Sun, Professor

  Tel:+86-635-8239561                                       Bingxue Yao, Professor & PH.D

  Email:   Email:   Liya Fan, Professor & PH.D

  Wenbin Guo, Professor & PH.D



  The school possesses one National video open course, one provincial teaching team, two provincial quality courses, one provincial featured course for adults higher education, and sixteen textbook publications with one provincial excellent textbook. In the past five years, the school undertook 3 provincial teaching reform projects for colleges and universities, gained 5 provincial teaching achievement awards, got the first prize for national micro class competition for one time, and obtained two first prize for young teachers’ teaching skills competition in Shandong Province.



  Discipline & Research

  The school owns two master degree programs for first-class discipline--mathematics and system science, and one master degree program for second-class discipline--subject teaching (mathematics). System theory is the key discipline of the 11th five-year plan and the 12th five-year plan of Shandong Province. The big data intelligent analysis and optimization control lab is the university key laboratory of the 13th five-year plan in Shandong province.


  The discipline construction of this school gradually formed dominant research teams with various orientations including the theory of differential equation and its application, optimization theory and application, matrix theory and application, visual data analysis and application, complex system analysis and control, Uncertainty Theory. In the last five years, the school headed 18 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and 12 projects of the Natural Science Foundation of Shandong province. More than 300 papers, including 200 ones indexed by SCI and EI, were published in all kinds of important academic journals, and the highest reference rate for one paper has reached more than 500 times. There are six monographs published by Science Press. The school has been granted a number of honors and awards, one paper nominated for the best paper in 《Pattern Recognition》, one for the second prize of provincial science and technology progress, one for the third prize of natural science, and four for the first prize of outstanding scientific research achievements of the universities and colleges in Shandong Province.




  The school owns one laboratory for mathematical modeling and numerical calculation and one for accounting simulation equipped with more than 200 microcomputers. The school possesses a platform for intelligent information processing and complex system research based on a big data, which combines a super fusion architecture server, big data analysis server, high performance computing server and desktop robot vision system into an organic whole, costing 550 ten thousand yuan. In collaboration with Oracle (ORCL), the school set up the education center for engineering experiments and scientific research center for data.















  聊城大学数学科学学院前身为山东师范学院聊城分院数学系,始建于1974年。 1981年,随着聊城师范学院的设立,更名为聊城师范学院数学系,1999年改名为聊城师范学院数学与系统科学系。2003年,随着聊城大学的设立,更名为聊城大学数学科学学院。40多年来,经过几届领导班子和全体教职员的共同努力,艰苦创业,辛勤耕耘,在教学、科研、办学层次和规模、师资结构、人才培养、专业与学科建设等各方面都发生了翻天覆地的变化。





  学院学科建设逐步形成了微分方程理论及应用、最优化理论及应用、矩阵理论及应用、视觉数据分析及应用、复杂系统分析与控制、不确定理论几个方向的优势科研团队,近五年来,主持国家自然科学基金18项、山东省自然科学基金12项,在各类重要学术刊物上发表论文300余篇,其中被SCI、EI收录200余篇,最高单篇引用率已达500余次。在科学出版社出版专著6部。获《Pattern Recognition》期刊最佳论文提名奖1项,省级科学技术进步二等奖1项、自然科学三等奖1项、山东高等学校优秀科研成果一等奖4项。