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  学院办学条件优良,图书资料齐全,藏书总量达12万多册,各种期刊杂志500余种。学院科研水平较高,成果突出。近年来,共承担“国家社科基金项目” 15项,教育部和山东省社科规划办、古籍办课题27项,山东省教育厅科研项目26项;出版学术著作80余部,发表学术论文800余篇。获教育部、文化部以及山东省社科优秀成果奖10余项。




  School  of   Chinese  Language

  and Literature,Liaocheng University

  School  of   Chinese  Language  and Literature(SCLL),  one of the earliest , largest and best schools in Liaocheng University, has three specialties for undergraduates, including Chinese Literature and Language, Broadcasting and TV Journalism, Secretarial Science. Among them, major of Chinese Literature and Language was assessed as the first-rank discipline for postgraduates and distinctive subject of state level feature, and major of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature as key discipline in Shandong Province.

  SCLL is staffed with 66 faculties, of whom 12 are professors, 28 associate professors, 29  masters’ supervisors, and 3 doctorate supervisors, and 82 percent of whom have doctor’s or master’s degree. Among them, 2 teachers have received special government subsidies, and many were awarded the titles of the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, or renowned teachers of Shandong Province.

  SCLL  has excellent conditions for education. It’s equipped with complete books and reference materials, of which there are more than 120 thousands books and 500 kinds of periodicals. Besides, SCLL has been fruitful in its academic research. In recent years, the faculty has undertaken 15 research projects sponsored by National Social Science Fund, 27 by the Ministry of Education, Shandong Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science and Shandong Classics Collation Office, 26 by Shandong Ministry of Education, and published more than 80 academic books and 800 academic papers, of which more than 10 social science achievements were awarded by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Shandong Province.

  SCLL focuses on the training of students’ speciality knowledge and basic capacity. The Jiuge Literary Association completely run by the students was rated among the National Top Ten Literary Association.

  Adhering to the concept of open education, SCLL has selected teachers to give lectures in universities in Ukraine, Austria and Egypt, visited universities in such countries and districts as America, Russia, England, Japan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Taiwan and Macau, and made agreements on international communication and cooperation, like exchanging teachers and students, with those relevant schools there. In recent years, many undergraduates and postgraduates have been sent to countries like America, Korea, Thailand, Liberia and so on, to study or to serve as Chinese volunteers.

  We hope to expand the activities of communication and cooperation in such aspects as college education, Chinese language teaching and academic research with domestic and foreign counterparts.