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Profile of School of Environmental and Planning Liaocheng University

Profile of School of Environmental

and Planning Liaocheng University

School of  Environmental and Planning was established in 2003 based on the former Geography
Department (since 1986) of Liaocheng Normal College.
  The School of Environmental and Planning Sciences is composed of Department of Geography,
Department of Regional Planning,Department of Environmental Sciences,Department of Geographical Information Science,Institute of Dongping Lake Research,and Ecological Environment
Planning and Research Center.
  It houses the National Environment Evaluation Division,and the Provincial Land Planning and
Ecological Environment Planning Division (Shandong).
  Natural Geography is the key disciplinary field authorized by Shandong Province.It is also the key
disciplinary field of Liaocheng University together with Anthropogeography.
  It has now 5 graduate programs for Physical Geography,Anthropogeography,Cartography and
Geographical Information,Geography Curriculum and Pedagogy,and Geography Teaching
(professional master).Physical Geography prov ides master degree for those with same academic
  The school now has four undergraduate majors Geographical Science,Resource Environment
and Urban-Rural Planning Administration,Geographical Information System (GIS),Environmental
  It has now more than 960 undergraduates,more than 50 graduates,With a faculty of48 teachers.
  School of Environmental and Planning Sciences is equipped with nine Functional Laboratories,a
Geographical Technology Park (a planetarium,a meteorologic observatory )and a mineral repository.
The laboratories occupies 2800 m2,with a set of equipment worth 6000,000 Yuan.
  The school library now has subscribed about 280 journals,which can meet the needs of the faculty
and the students for teaching and research.
  It also established 5 large-scale comprehensive practice bases in Qinhuang Island,Mount Lushan,
Mount Yutai,Beijign and Tsingtao.with the help and support from the society,the university,the
faculty and the students,the school now can provide excellent first-rate teaching environment.
  The school abides by the principle of solidarity,endeavor,matter-of-fact,and creativity",has
cultivated more than 9000 students with creativity and excellent professional qualifications in the
fields of geography teaching,urban-rural construction,tourist administration,resource environment,
real estate development.With the support of the university,the school endeavors to expand its
international communication and cooperation in education and scientific research,and it has already
established a friendship with School of Applied Science,RMIT University.


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