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The media technology institute

The media technology institute now has four undergraduate majors: educational technology, radio and television director (including Sino foreign cooperation in running undergraduate programs), digital media art and animation. Educational technology, information technology curriculum and teaching theory, radio and television, modern education technology (Master of Education) four master's degree, full-time 1200 students.

The college has made great efforts to implement the strategy of talented people and set up a high level teaching and scientific research team. There are 46 staff members, including 5 professors, 12 associate professors, 8 doctorate, and 36 master's degree. There are 16 part-time teachers in school and outside school (4 part-time teachers in school and 12 outside teachers). 1 people in the college were selected as the provincial teaching masters in Shandong Province, 3 of them were selected as the famous teachers in Liao Cheng University, 3 were enrolled in the 100 person program of Liao Cheng University, 2 were selected as teaching leaders and teaching novas at the school level, 2 people were selected as the teachers of the Liao Cheng University.

The experimental teaching environment of the college is excellent and the equipment is advanced. It provides good conditions for cultivating high quality and innovative talents. Education and media technology experimental teaching center is located in the West Campus of a comprehensive laboratory building, "modern educational technology center", "Digital Media Art Center, laboratory area of more than 3000 square meters, the experimental teaching equipment of advanced technology, complete equipment, worth about 17000000 yuan. In 2007, the center was selected as the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center of Shandong province. In 2011, the Propaganda Department of Shandong provincial Party committee and the provincial radio, film and Television Bureau set up Shandong micro film studio in our hospital, becoming one of the first 5 micro film creation bases in the province.

The college insists on taking teaching as the center, constantly strengthening professional construction, actively carrying out teaching reform and making outstanding achievements. The course of educational technology of Liao Cheng University was named "11th Five-Year" key disciplines, radio and television and the specialty of educational technology specialty of Liao Cheng University was named, was named director of professional radio and television professional schools focus on the construction of Liao Cheng University applied characteristics; the college has 1 state-level courses, 2 provincial quality courses; won the two prize in Shandong excellent teaching achievement award 1, third-prize 3; get third-prize experimental teaching in Shandong Province outstanding achievement award 1; 1 Shandong provincial excellent teaching team; college teachers of 15 award-winning courseware in the multimedia courseware competitions, including first prize 3; Shandong province multimedia courseware Seth award 1 prize, third-prize 3

The Institute adheres to the strategy of talent cultivation based on "educating people first, taking moral education as the first priority and carrying capacity as the emphasis and all-round development", and strive to cultivate "compound talents with thick foundation, wide caliber, strong ability and high quality" to meet the needs of economic and social development. Through the laboratory construction and practice base construction, and constantly reforming the practice teaching mode and method, the students' hands-on ability and innovation ability have been significantly enhanced, and the student's works have won many awards in the national and provincial competitions. Such as "Kexun Cup" College DV contest "best HD Photography Award" and "best award"; Shanghai student TV Festival "Lilac" award; National University CG contest "Best Editing Award"; a prize of the national student TV Festival "TV unit"; the first prize of the National College of information technology innovation and practice of Animation Contest robot DV works; Shandong University Digital Video Contest "best director" award; Shandong province college Animation Creation Contest etc.. Through the development of rich and colorful social practice activities, the all-round development of students is promoted. More than 20 social practice bases have been set up, and social practice has been reported by people's daily, China Education TV, Shandong TV and Liaocheng daily. College graduates are generally welcomed by the employers with "good ideological quality and strong hands-on ability", and the employment rate has reached over 90% in the last 5 years.