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School of Business, Liaocheng University

School of Business, Liaocheng University was established in January 2004. School of Business follows the school guideline of “international, market and society-oriented” to train high-quality talents of “creating life, creating wealth, creating thought, and creating the future”. School of Business owns 7 undergraduate majors, including Economics, International Economy and Trade, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Labor and Social Security, Logistic Management, and Quality Management Engineering. Of the above majors, Economics major is a choice major of Shandong’s higher institutions and is emphatically supported by Shandong Provincial Fiscal Fund; Human Resources Management major is a brand major of Shandong’s adult higher education field and a university-level choice major, and Business Administration major is a university-level choice major. Currently, School of Business has around 2200 registered undergraduate students. Based on the Quality Management Engineering major, China Society of Inspection and Quarantine (CSIQ), Shandong Quality & Technical Supervision Bureau (SDQTSB), Shandong Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau (SDEIQB), CPC Liaocheng Committee and Liaocheng Government, and Liaocheng University signed the agreement to construct School of Quality, Liaocheng University. School of Quality was established in January 2016, having formed the mode of “one trunk, two wings” together with School of Business.

School of Business owns one Class-I master discipline (Applied Economics), and five Class-II master majors (Industrial Economics, Labor Economics, National Economics, Finance, and Regional Economics). School of Business owns the provincial-level scientific research platform-Shandong Industrial Upgrade & Economic Synergic Development Soft Science Base; School of Business also owns the scientific research platform jointly constructed by Liaocheng University and local government-Liaocheng Development Institute; besides, it also owns two research departments-Industrial Economy Research Department and Labor Economy Research Department.

School of Business has a faculty team with reasonable title, academic degree, academic connections, and age structures, strong business capabilities, and high teaching and scientific research level. School of Business currently has 60-odd full-time teachers, including 9 professors, 23 associate professors, 10 master-program supervisors and 29 PH.D. (including those who are studying for the PH.D.) holders. School of Business has 2 provincial-level teaching paragons, 5 university-level teaching paragons, and 6 university-level teaching new stars. Besides, School of Business also appoints many domestic prestigious experts, scholars and entrepreneurs as part-time professors.

In the past five years, School of Business teachers have presided over 6 national social sciences fund and natural sciences fund projects, one of which is a key project; presided over 3 Ministry of Education humanity sciences fund projects, 20-odd Shandong philosophy & social sciences planning fund and soft science projects; and presided over 10 horizontal projects. The teaching staff has also had 10 academic works published, edited or co-edited 14 higher-institution course-books, and had 100-odd theses published in key periodicals rated by Peking University. School of Business has been awarded one Shandong Provincial Government Corporate Management Innovation prize, 8 Shandong Provincial Social Sciences Research second prize, and 10-odd Shandong Provincial Social Sciences Research third prize.

With regard to social service, School of Business resorts to Liaocheng Development Institute and Liaocheng Quality Development Research Center to preside over 10-odd horizontal projects with over 2 million yuan fiscal support, work out 3 blue papers, and work out research reports of 2 million words. Two research results are acclaimed by Shandong provincial leaders.

Following the international education direction, School of Business has established academic exchange relationship, and teachers and students exchange mechanism with more than 10 universities outside mainland China, including North Georgia State University, Lincoln Memorial University, National Taiwan University, National Chung Hsing University, Feng Chia University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,  Macau University of Science and Technology, etc.

School of Business fully follows CPC and national education guidelines, holds onto the school motto of “devotion, erudition, pragmatism, innovation”, propagates the school ethos of “obeisance, diligence, honesty, hard-work”,  roots itself in western Shandong, serves Shandong, the whole China and the whole world. Besides, School of Business follows regional economy social development needs, centers on the fundamental task of “improving morality and educating students”, and follows the “Quality+” principle to push discipline construction and major construction, develop disciplines and keep pace with new trend of major development, and fully advance transitional development, intensive development, quality development and characteristic development, so as to construct itself into a top-notch business school across Shandong and throughout China.