Degree Programs


Programs for Graduate Students (3 years)
School of Literature
Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; Theory of Literature and Art~; Ancient Chinese Classical Literature~; Contemporary/ Ancient Chinese Literature~; Chinese Philology~
School of Business
Industrial Economics; National Economics
School of Politics and Marxism
Scientific Socialism & International Communism; International Politics; Basic Theories of Marxism; Marxism Study Abroad; Ideological and Political Education; Curriculum & Teaching Methodology
School of Law
School of History and Culture
Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; History of Particular Subjects~; Ancient/ Modern Chinese History~; World History~
School of Foreign Languages
Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; English Linguistics; Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
School of Pharmacy
School of Mathematical Sciences
Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; Basic Mathematics; System Theory; Applied Mathematics
School of Physics Science & Information Engineering
Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; Optics; Communication & Information System; Physical Electronics; Condensed Matter Physics
School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; Analytical Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Polymer Chemistry & Physics
School of Materials Science & Engineering
Material Physics & Chemistry
School of Life Science
Cell Biology; Botany; Curriculum & Teaching Methodology
School of Environment & Planning
Physical Geography; Curriculum & Teaching Methodology
School of Education Science
Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; Developmental & Educational Psychology; Principle of Pedagogy; Applied Psychology
School of Media Technology
Educational TechnologyCurriculum & Teaching Methodology
School of Computer Science
Software Engineering; Curriculum & Teaching Methodology
School of Physical Education
Physical Education & Athletic Training; Curriculum & Teaching Methodology
School of Fine Arts
Art Science
School of Music
Music Science
School of Management
Labor Economics; Curriculum & Teaching Methodology
School of Agriculture
Landscape Plant and Ornamental Horticulture
School of Automobile & Transportation Engineering
School of Architecture & Civil Engineering