How to apply

Step 1: Propose your application through fax, phone, printed mail or e-mail. Download and fill out Application Form of International Students and International Students Scholarship Application Form (these two forms, available at, must be filled out in person) and Foreigners Health Check Record (filled out by hospital).


Step 2: Mail these forms and a copy of your passport, through post office or e-mail, to Center of Overseas Students Education, School of International Education, Liaocheng University.


Step 3: Within one month upon receiving the above mentioned materials, Center of Overseas Students Education will send you Admission Notice and JW202 Form (the latter being Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China).


Step 4: Please bring with you Admission Notice, JW202 Form, Foreigners Health Check Record and Blood Test Report to apply for your visa (Category: X) at Chinese embassy or consulates in your country.


Step 5: Please check in and get registered at Center of Overseas Students Education in LU, bringing with you, on the date stated in the Admission Notice, your Admission Notice, JW202 Form, Foreigners Health Check Record, passport, and 4 bareheaded and full-faced photos (1-inch). Check-in or registration later than that stated date, except further declaration made to  student  office , results in an automatic invalid admission notice.



Application: Materials and Schedule

Language Program

Application form

Passport Copy

A copy of senior high school diploma

HSK certificate (if available)

4 bareheaded photos (1-inch)

Foreigners Health Check Record

Work experience certificate (non-fresh graduatesor Certificate of Studentship (the applicant is a student)


any time

Bachelor Program

May through August

Master Program

Application form

Passport copy

A copy of bachelor degree diploma

HSK certificate

4 bareheaded photos (1-inch)

Letter of Recommendation by 2 deputy professors and above

Foreigners Health Check Record

May through August



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